End of July 2020

Our American born Prime Minister whose family originate from Turkey, who managed to wangle a scholarship to Eton (or his father did) has today gone to Scotland. It’s not confirmed that he has British citizenship unless it be through his mother.

Scotland has been part of the United Kingdom for over 300 years. Scottish independence has been acknowledged since Robert the Bruce forced Edward III to sign the Treaty of Edinburgh Northampton in 1386. The partnership has not always been easy. England is much bigger, about 13 times bigger (in people) than Scotland. That has, in itself, caused tensions. The Scots are a clever people, canny and astute, and have made great contributions to the Union over the centuries.

They want to leave the Union. That’s understandable. The British government has treated them badly. Not just the Highland clearances of the 18-19th Centuries which replaced people with sheep, trees and farms with grouse moors. There has been the wholesale disposal of land to foreigners (that includes the English) and don’t ask who owns the offshore oil or fishing rights.

Our PM is in Orkney. Not too many Scots can attend this far-flung island which could provide 24% of the UK’s energy demands, or all of Scotland’s plus some left over to sell. This PM is openly blatant is his search for populism. Has he exceeded the mark?

That’s likely but recoverable. There are problems to overcome. With the disclosure of the Russia Report, just 10 months late, we discover why Al Kemal (his real name) was reluctant for it to be published. Fingers will be pointed at the real UK Leader, an obnoxious, poorly dressed, Durham born (ah a Northerner in charge) arrogant pipsqueak full of his own importance, known as Dominic Cummings.

Cummings has been picking up the political shillings since at least 2000 when he was political adviser to right-wingers like Duncan-Smith and Gove (whose mother clearly didn’t like him much as he was adopted). He master-minded several campaigns, and in the eyes of the pampered rich was see as ‘someone who had the right idea’, even when they did not fully appreciate what he was doing.

Strangely he had been in Russia, possibly working under the guidance of his former tutor, Norman Stone, of whom not much can be said, he was born in Glasgow, lectured on modern history moved to Ankara, then Istanbul. Was the tutor encouraging the pupil to acts of sedition? Who knows. Cummings tried to launch an airline, failed miserably, so returned to England.

Boris the Turk has other problems. Clear the hospitals of bed-blocking old people, he ordered (or was that Cummings?), put them in Care Homes. That achieved the elderly helped by dying in their thousands. The Covid-19 has left Boris floundering, and this treasured isle with the worst viral results, not just in Europe, where we beat the lot of ’em but lodged firmly in third place behind the USA and Brazil. The sharp mind will have noticed that those two countries have more people than the UK. Add population and we are top of the tree. Well done Boris.

This blustering buffoon and his Russian minder are making sure that the final cuts are made. We are no longer on the World Stage. The Empire has thrown up its legs, fallen over and died.

Trevor Lockwood
Has spent his life telling the truth, knowing that few listen.

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