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1646 and Now

In 1646 seven women were hanged in Aldeburgh, Suffolk as witches. An eclectic art group Purplesnail held an exhibition about this event, at which they asked people what was troubling the world today. This book is a series of essays that deals, in turn, with the responses made, in the order they were received. It has been woven into a text that may act as the catalyst for a New World Order – or it may not.

author: Trevor Lockwood

ISBN: 978-0-9557008-7-3

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Forever Again

Forever Again

Forever Again Three men in middle age have been around, lost a few, not kept any. Now they are linked together, through women, drugs and murder. Each is looking for something, but what or who? This is the story of these men, their romance, their crime, perhaps their result.

This novel (my only one – so far) took about 25 years to write. It is vaguely autobiographical – as most fictional accounts are – but I’ll not admit to any of it being true!

It struck me (during those 25 years) that men rarely have a story told. They get violence and sex – not much else. This novel has both, but there is more…

ISBN: 978-0-9557008-1-1

Also available as an audiobook: ASIN: B00SBYXFHC