Tom Tit Tot folktale

A Suffolk Folk tale, which pre-dates Rumpelstiltskin, the original author is unknown. This version is read by Trevor Lockwood.

Coming Soon

Well this year perhaps!

We have the sequel to Piccolo: An Intern’s Tale nearly ready for publication.

There’s a whole new series planned: of English as  second language courses. These will be short ebooks designed to help students gain a place at universities.

The first series will look at New York. Then we will add London and major colleges in England.

There’s a cookery book on way – very different from those coloured creations produced by celebratory chefs. Ours is a selection of favourite family recipes from a group of friends.

There’s also some serious revamps of past titles – some of which will appear as ebooks, not just for Kindle but also distributed through the Ingram network.

Finally there’s a plan for a radio station to promote the work of our authors but also those of other small publishers. This has become a social service as bookshop disappear from our High Street and the ten conglomerate publishers persuade readers they can only be cool if they read the latest, heavily promoted, best seller – which ends up in the remainder shops a few weeks later.

Even authors are beginning to notice how they are ripped off by these companies.

Daughter De Dannan and the Silver Hand

Daughter DedannanIn the misty twilight between ancient Irish history and legend, emerged a tribe who surpassed all others in the arts of music, medicine, magic and war, but not until the return of the Daughter Dedannan, can these mystical warriors master the art of peace.

On the eve of Samhain in the year 995 AD, a young girl ventures out never to return to the simple pleasures of her solitary life on a hillside in Sligo.

Instead she is swept away to the Other Side where mythical gods lead the way to Tara, the ancient capital of Ireland, where generations of her ancestors feast at the same table. For the follower of Irish ways, folklorist and pagan alike, this story of Dagda and Danu, myth and reality, will strike a chord where the worlds of dream and waking reverberate, and all dimensions converge.

This story takes you through some of the major stages of Irish history. It is moving, often exciting, sometimes tinged with pathos and the pain of recent history.

Eileen Merwin comes from Brooklyn, the daughter of a New York fireman. Her Irish roots are in Cavan.

Recently revised and improved it is now available as a  Kindle edition:

THINK College

THINK College
So, you’re thinking about attending a college in the US. Maybe you’ve already applied, or
you’ve already been accepted.

But do you know what to expect when you arrive on a college campus?

Who will you meet?

Who will be important to your career?

Where will you go when you need help?

How will you talk about your goals and dreams?

THINK College will answer all these questions while teaching you the real spoken language
you will need.

Over 80% of American English is idiomatic, filled with phrases (idioms and phrasal verbs)
that native speakers use to express themselves!

A Blind Man in the Land of Zen

nd Man in the Land of Zen A print version: ISBN 978-1-909296-18-3, an ebook and an audiobook of Steve Hobson’s book is now available.

Steve Hobson went blind about eight years ago. In adapting to his new life, he searched for a retreat, somewhere quiet and peaceful that would allow him to relax. He attended a Sesshin at the Stonewater Zen Sangha.

Stonewater Zen Sangha is a Zen Buddhist group based in Liverpool. Steve’s book explains his life as a blind person, and what happens during a Zen Buddhist retreat. It is a warm, well-written, account that will inspire the listener.

A Sesshin is (often) a week-long meditation retreat, with participants sitting together in meditation for most of the day. They maintain the Sangha (the retreat building and area) and help to prepare vegetarian meals. It allows quiet reflection and is an essential element of Zen Buddhism.

The Kindle ebook edition is available from Buy the Kindle version from Amazon

The print edition: ISBN 978-1-909296-18-3 may take a few days to get to your bookshop – but you can order through us.


NY4U book cover NY4U is a new approach to learning a language. Designed to help visitors to understand the language of the streets of New York it describes 250 idioms, everyday phrases and sayings, used by New Yorkers. Putting these into sentences that reinforce understanding. Answers to all the questions are provided. (NY4U = New York For You)

Many students arrive in New York every year, and too many fail because they have not been taught these idioms. This ebook will help. Written by an experienced teacher of English who has worked with students in New York for many years we know this will become essential reading.

More titles will follow, each covering particular sectors of all our lives.

Students will need this ebook, but all visitors to New York will find it helps them to understand what New Yorkers are saying!

Buy NY4U for your Kindle

Braiswick Reborn

On Friday 14th Jun we relaunched Braiswick with a charming get-together at the Clifftop Cafe in Felixstowe. From that we created the Braiswick Group, starting locally, but with plans to expand to allow anyone interested in books, in reading, in writing and in publishing to join with us.

Stay with us whilst we sort out the mechanics – the first step is to register for our newsletter – see link on the side of this screen. Just your email and a name is all that’s needed.

(spammers need to note that they will be quietly disposed of)

Secret of the Lake

978-1-898030-02-7 cover“Jack Windsor’s intelligent, amusing, touching and often surprising stories are a delight to read. Skilfully plotted, peopled by vivid, believable characters, these are short stories to enjoy now and return to again and again.” Jackie Short, Teacher and Writer “These short stories are a selection of Jack Windsor’s best, each one in its different way will stop you from putting the book down once you have started reading” Ken Ward, Author “Jack Windsor has the ability to transport us out of our own circumstances into whatever world he’s chosen to create with the gift of his short stories. This well-loved storyteller shows a deep insight into human feelings and failings, and is a master at showing sides of life and love so clearly that the reader feels themselves a part of each story. Jack’s long anticipated anthology will be a joy to read at every spare moment, and to read again and again as the years go by.” Alice Bateman, Writer and Actress.

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