Green Children of Woolpit

Podcast: Green Children of Woolpit In 12th Century two children, a boy and a girl, were found in Woolpit, Suffolk. They were green, and not used all normal food except green vegetables.ved This tale has survived through many centuries. Can you explain what happened? Play in new window | Download

Urban Farming

During the pandemic it is now being shown tat young people are abandoning alcohol. Fitness is important. More so is the quality of food – too much is destroyed to allow a longer shelf life on supermarket shelves. Even in cities you can find space to grow food, It’s the way to! Play in new window | […]


An abused word, but one that should resonate within us all. We are social animals, and it is obvious that we group together. That intechange can take many forms but as have found with the Covid-19 pandemic it is constantly changing. Our enforced isolation will create new structures, it may also bring a new awareness of the wonderful […]

Forever Again

This audiobook is the story of three middle-aged men.They have been through the ropes, but know, just maybe, they can start again. Listen here or go to my podcast player: Part One: They meet Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five The Crematorium Chapter Six No party!