Suffolk Tales

Let’s remind ourselves of a real Suffolk Tale. It predates Rumplestilskin. Read by Trevor Lockwood – -in a North Essex accent. Play in new window | Download

Battle of Bury St Edmunds

In 1173 a battle was fought, in Fornham All Saints. Robert Whitehands, Earl of Leicester raised an army of 3000 Flemings to fight against the King Henry I. The army marched to Framlingham to be welcomed by Hugh Bigod. They went on to sack Haughley Castle, then marched to Bury. There they met Humphrey de…

End of July 2020

Our American born Prime Minister whose family originate from Turkey, who managed to wangle a scholarship to Eton (or his father did) has today gone to Scotland. It’s not confirmed that he has British citizenship unless it be through his mother. Scotland has been part of the United Kingdom for over 300 years. Scottish independence…

Invasion of Felixstowe 1667

On 2 July 1667 the Dutch invaded Felixstowe. Landing near Cobbolds Point they made their way towards Landguard Fort which protected Harwich. A small frigate from Harwich began to shell the Dutch on the pebble beach, causing casualties and the Dutch retreated. See    

Battle of Lowestoft

Battle of Lowestoft

The scene of a bloody defeat by the Dutch on 3d June 1665. This war was really about control of New York, USA. Vice Admiral Cornelis Tromp had the nerve and authority to organize coherent action to cover the withdrawal.Is this a relative of a Trump?

Battle of Sole Bay

Battle of Sole Bay

In 1672 we joined with France against the Dutch. England and France had 101n-of-war plus support vessels, a total of 6,018 guns and 34,600 men. The Dutch had 91 men-of-war plus support, some 168 in total. The English and French were in Sole Bay, ‘in negligent posture’. The Earl of Sandwich saved the day, ignoring…

Braiswick is reborn

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